About Monika

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After a lifetime of practicing and teaching yoga, Monika Andreas acknowledges that her body is “seasoned.” She notes, “A seasoned body is one that has been through many seasons of life. In my case, it included marriage, followed by singlemotherhood, running in marathons and triathlons, dancing tango every day for five years, grandkids and most recently having both hips replaced.”

Monika observes, “Yoga for the Seasoned Body™ helps me and my students come to terms with the changes our bodies are experiencing as we age. It promotes acceptance and surrender to the exact level of flexibility that we experience in the moment. Most of my students check in to discover they are standing a little taller, a little more balanced, after each check-in.

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With Yoga for the Seasoned Body™, some simple modifications allow most everyone to practice yoga, even when faced with physical challenges. The increase in flexibility, strength, balance, and stress reduction can make a huge difference for the “seasoned bodies” that have carried so many of us through many seasons of our lives.

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