Reviews From Clients

Bobbye Middendorf

“After the lower body core strength workshop with Monika, I felt like I’d had a full-body transplant -- It was that trans-formative!”  

Patricia Entress

Why I love Monika's Yoga...."It's a WORK-inward as well as a workout.  At the end of the day it's calming, releases my muscles (especially upper shoulders and back), and centers me. In the early morning it's refreshing, gently awakening me and my body to face the day. ”  

Louise Nelson

"I worked with Monika for over two years, which is nothing less than a miracle for me.  I've rarely been physically active or have successfully taken an physical-related self-improvement class, UNTIL I started working with Monika.  Even though there were usually at least two other people in the class with me, she helped me work around my specific issues (intermittent lower back discomfort and a right knee that cannot completely flex due to major surgery). She always managed to keep each of our special needs in mind when teaching her class and made adjustments so that all of us could do our Yoga positions as accurately as possible to the degree possible.  She is an excellent, dedicated teacher and I will always be grateful to have found her and was able to work with her on a regular basis for over two years.  The only reason I stopped is because I moved out of the area.  Otherwise I'd still be in her class!"

Gayle Ayala

"My doctor recently suggested I do yoga to improve my core body strength as well as for increased balance and flexibility.  I've never done yoga before and had no idea what to expect.  I'd seen Monika's ad in our local newspaper and preferred to try her smaller group setting rather than a larger studio atmosphere w/younger people and little personal attention for a newcomer like myself.  Monika is an energetic instructor who helps everyone in the small class.  I immediately felt muscles and tendons in my legs and back being stretched like they never had before.  I absolutely love her style of teaching and the structure of the sessions.  It's never too late to try something new!"



"I have really noticed an increase in my strength, balance and flexibility since joining Monika's yoga classes. I appreciate that all tools/props are provided, and the poses are modified to accommodate any injuries or inabilities that preclude doing the standard poses. There are some poses I could not manage when I started that I can now do. I love the class!"

Stacey Hunt

"I've know Monika for almost 13 years. She's been my yoga instructor through three pregnancies, and has always known intuitively how to make each class perfect -- exactly as it needs to be. 


I always walk away feeling so much better than when I came in. She has also mentored me to become a yoga instructor -- and I do my best to honor her by passing along her wisdom and knowledge of the body, mind, and soul to my own students. 


Monika is a top notch instructor and I am privileged to know her."

Evi Morita

“I believe when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Well, she certainly did for me when I discovered Monika.
Prior to this discovery, I had been experiencing a series of unfortunate events in my life. I loss my husband and my mother. Then a injury left me with chronic pain which led to a prescription drug dependency. I was in a miserable dark place.

Then, my neighbor told me about Monika and Yoga for the seasoned body. In my desperation, I went to a class. Well, it was the answer to my prayers! It had such a profound effect on my mind, body and soul that I wept tears of joy after that first session. It was a incredible release. It was as if my inner child was experiencing the light for the first time. I woke up!

I thought, what a blessing to have discovered Yoga and Monika who shares the teachings of the great B.K.S. Iyengar. But she's so much more than a teacher. She's a friend, a mentor, a compassionate heart who focuses on her students individual needs. She soothes my soul when she shares passages of wisdom during meditation.

And I can easily say, she saved my life! Since my practice, I'm happy to report, I'm pain free, I'm restored, my heart is healed, my mind is at peace, my spirit transformed. I'm joyful and I'm that happy child again thanks to Monika. ”  

Anne Beck

"I had taken lots of yoga before I found Monika.  I was looking for someone who appreciated the mature body,and this is Monika's specialty.  She was so welcoming from day one and has a very vast knowledge of yoga (and beyond) to share with her students.  Our classes were small, and everyone of us received individual attention with a very kind approach.  She accommodated everyone's limitations and helped heal injuries.   I learned so much from her.   Monika created a community and a very inclusive atmosphere where everyone felt comfortable.  She encouraged us to realize what we could accomplish, too, with a regular practice.  I only wish she still was in Chicago!!!"

Ellen Karp

"Monika is the the Yoda of Yoga instructors.   While her classes are rigorous, they are calming, rejuvenating and restorative.  I never felt as flexible and strong as when I was Monika's student.  She inspires me to be a Yoga teacher. Gosh I really miss that class. :-)"

Peggy Mcguire

"Monika is an instructor who gives personal attention and customizes poses according to the flexibility level of her students.  Through attending her classes I have improved my posture and range of motion dramatically.  Even better, the classes are positive, calming,  and create a sense of well-being.  Stress reduction is a wonderful result and positive for anyone who is golfing, working, or just dealing with life."

Tereza Hatzupoulou

“I have known, Monika, close to 40 years.  She was my first yoga teacher and I have  not found another teacher like Monika.
I have experienced her teaching in the classes at her Lakeside Yoga Center, in Evanston, Illinois, and she has taught me several private sessions at my home, on my balcony, in Athens, Greece.
Monika’s style of teaching yoga, has been truly a profound experience in my life.  because she has always made me feel safe since she takes the absolute care of each and everyone of her students and at the same time softens the most difficult yoga poses for each student based on their individual needs.
Monika, over the years, has amalgamated many of  the various teachings & yoga methods to create her own unique style of teaching.
Over the past 10-15 years, as Monika’s body felt the seasons of life and it’s limitations, she has developed a series of poses that benefit students of all ages and physical challenges, like neck, shoulder, upper, middle or lower back pain.etc.
Monika uses the many props in her studio to modify the poses for all types and body sizes, as well as, brings people back home to their inner quiet sanctuary during Shivasana - relaxation pose and tells them that that quiet place is deep inside of them and they can go there any time. Knowing Monika has truly enhanced my yoga practice and has kept my body feeling  younger, stronger and more flexible.

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